• Saboth and Eowgala.

    Time goes by and its a real bitch, going by so quickly...

    But some things never changes, thankfully.

    Like Saboth and Eowgala, I mean. This is to you, Shawn :

    Time goes by, the world keeps on changing, of course, but some things do never change, no matter years.

    I remember when we first met. I remember our first "I love you". In fact I remember every single second spent with you.

    Well, time goes by, and somehow you're still here. And what can I say? I'm so lucky to have you by my side. I'm lucky because I know you.

    This is for you. I love you, you're a treasure, you're very special, you are what dreams are made of.

    I'm just happy that you exist.

    I love this song by Elton John, the one for the movie "Moulin Rouge" is the best. Well this IS YOUR SONG.

    Thanks for sparkling my life.

    Take care of yourself my brat. And if you don't, I shall see to this!

    I do love you, and time can go by, some things never change =)

    You're the Ned to my Chuck! 

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